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Neil Manley Solicitors was founded in August 2016, by Neil Manley, a dual qualified solicitor in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What started out as a personal injury litigation firm has modernised and developed into a unique general legal practice, catering for my clients’ everyday personal and business needs.

I pride myself in providing clients’ with the personal legal services they require, in what can be very often challenging circumstances.

As the law constantly evolves, so to does my practice. Keeping up to date with latest legal trends and developments, is paramount in providing my clients’ with relevant, up-to-date and accurate legal advice. 

At my firm, it is my aim to provide each and everyone of my client’s with a personal service, to ensure that they feel they are in safe hands and most importantly that they feel they are being supported not just by a solicitor but by a friend.

It is my duty, to provide quality legal advice allied with affordable legal costs.

Should you instruct my firm, I have no doubt you will not be disappointed with your decision.