Avoid online disasters

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Computers, information technology and social media are continuing to develop at an alarming pace, so much so, that it is growing increasingly difficult to keep pace with the latest trends as well as the latest laws governing such trends.

Since the advent of the internet, we’ve moved from a generation of ‘bookworms’ to a ‘cloud-based’ society, with no telling when and where it will lead to next.

With advancement in computer technology and the increased demand and exposure of social media, it is an important era for Irish businesses to educate themselves and of more importance, to protect themselves in a ‘cyber’ dominated world.

Whilst we are keen to see technology advance and develop, my firm is equally keen to protect its clients’ from cyber crime, intellectual property violation and issues of data theft, which can very often go overlooked.

Don’t allow your business to fall foul of computer related crime, if in doubt speak to a solicitor who can reassure you in respect of all your cyber related concerns.

* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.