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Sport has become an important facet of modern Irish life, with our professional and amateur athletes competing at the very highest levels, in their chosen fields. Like you, I too am passionate about sport. Having competed at Gaelic Football, Soccer and Athletics at an amateur level, I am only too familiar with the commitment, sacrifices and risks associated with taking part in sport.

Whether it be the sight of our hero’s in the green jersey taking on the might of the ‘All Blacks’  in Chicago, our golden girl Katie Taylor competing in her first professional bout or quite simply our local GAA Club taking part in a pre-season challenge game, all athletes, regardless of age, ability or gender, require protection and at Neil Manley solicitors, we are on hand to deal with all your sporting issues, whether it be physical injury, regulatory issues within your chosen sporting discipline or quite simply a loss of opportunity, we are here to support you both on and off the field.

There has never been a better time to be a professional athlete in Ireland, with the increased commercial interest, vast improvements in sports science as well as the increased global audience, the eyes of the world are very much focused on our sporting hero’s.

However, what about those vulnerable professional athletes making their way in the world, the lesser known stars of professional support? Who supports them during an injury crisis, a media controversy, the signing of a professional contract or during retirement. When the spotlight doesn’t shine, it can often be a lonely, difficult and stressful time for any aspiring or retiring professional athlete. At my firm, we take particular interest in those suffering from career threatening injuries such as concussion or underlying heart conditions, the negotiating of professional contracts and the ever increasing impact of social media on the lives of our national and international athletes.

In Ireland today, grassroots sport is an important element of everyday life. Thanks largely to the work of countless volunteers the length and breath of the island, our amateur sporting network, continues to grow and prosper at a fast pace. Whilst most of the media attention focuses on the plight of the professional sports star, what about our ‘weekend warriors’, our couch to 5k runners, our local GAA players or quite simply the guy who’s at the local swimming pool hoping to shed a few pounds in time for the holidays. Who looks after their interests?

Thankfully, help is at hand because at my firm, we treat all our amateur and aspiring athletes with the courtesy and respect they rightly deserve. Whether you wish to contest a GAA disciplinary matter, whether your club has been overlooked for funding or quite simply if you require advice or assistance in dealing with trustee issues or drafting club regulations, we are here to provide guidance and assistance wherever we can.

* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.